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Bilkent Holding was started by Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı in 1968 with Dilek Construction Inc. and TEPE Wood Metal & Construction Company was established in 1969 as the parent company of today’s TEPE Construction Industry Inc., TEPE Furniture Industry Inc. and TEPE Home. Today, together with the affiliates, over 40 companies are active under the umbrella of Bilkent Holding. Bilkent University is the owner of these companies operating in construction, industry, information and communication technologies, investment and service sectors. The main driving force for Bilkent’s success as a brand is its emphasis on perfection, which it has demonstrated since its first day. Owing to its focus on “performing its best” at every stage and level of its organizational and operational structure, Bilkent Holding has become a leading organization known for its competitiveness, openness to development and innovation, reliability, environment-conscious approach, professionalism and dynamism. The most important element in the Holding’s continuing journey to perfectionism is its human resources, which possesses a strong sense of belonging, and Bilkent Holding has formed based on a “right person for the right task” approach. Companies operating in construction sector are mainly specialized in housing projects, educational facilities, health complexes and hospitals, airports and terminal buildings, infrastructure, pipelines, power plants and prefabricated buildings. The industrial investments of the group are focused on furniture, kitchen cabinets, cement bonded particle board, paper and cardboard production. Additionally, more than 20 plants including high technology printing facilities make productions throughout Turkey. The companies operating in information and communication technologies serves for system integration, software, hardware, communication, internet services, and educational software branches.