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Engineering and Design

“Engineering & Design” process constitutes the core discipline of our organization in order to initiate a clear start up for each single project. The stages of the process develop are as follows;


  • Collection of pertinent information from the customer
  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Identification of customer requests
  • In depth analysis of the project by the means of multidisciplinary in house meetings
  • Study of all alternative solutions
  • Selection of the most adequate solution in accordance with customer needs
  • Designing of all the aspects of the requirement such as; structural elements, electrical & mechanical installations, operated by in house expert engineers, where any additional customer request are also taken into consideration.


Regarding the project’s geographical location and customer preferences, engineering and design services based on the internationally accepted standards such as; DIN, SNIP, IBC2009, UBC97, EUROCODE, TSE, SBC2007 are provided and reported blueprint. Since 1977, many various and worldwide large-scale EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects have been successfully performed thanks to below mentioned capabilities.