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Packing and Logistics

As Tepe Prefabrik, “Transportation & Logistic” constitutes a crucial division of our organisation, playing also a key role in our value chain. The nature of our business and the urgency of each requirement coming from our customers lead us to operate an effective, quick and no damage policy transportation process. Thanks to the implementation of a successful “Transportation Planning”, we are able to offer our customers efficient solutions for their projects all over the globe, so to respond to their demands and reach their expectations in every level.


We are also at the disposal of our clients for their requirements in remote and hostile locations, having delivered so far several projects in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan or to regions affected by earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters.


As Tepe Prefabrik, we are paying special attention to the packing in order to protect the goods and enable an easy loading & unloading without any damages or difficulties. Our Transportation & Logistics team handles carefully all aspects of the process, assisting you also in every step of the custom procedures and providing all relevant documentation convenient to each countries formalities and regulations. Finally, as a part of our perfectionist approach we are always researching innovative solutions which would help us to go beyond our actual standards and provide our customers the highest quality services in every phase of our business.