Supply of Wet-Volume Containers to Various Sites in the World

Haiti – Ivory Coast – East Timor – Lebanon – Italy – Congo - Sudan

Project Details

Start Date: 2005
Completion Date: 2008

Project Description

This project was related to providing Ablution / Sanitary Containers to different missions of the United Nations located in countries such as;

– Haiti
– Ivory Coast
– East Timor
– Lebanon
– Sudan
– Congo
Total quantity of containers supplied was 914 units.

Scope of Work Relevance

* Design and Build services for Ablution / Sanitary Containers for different missions of United Nations all around the world.
* There have been no change orders assigned to this project. However there has been a considerable change in required quantities.
* No accidents or injuries have been reported. Health & safety measures have been executed successfully.


* The first difficulty of this project was the strict regulations of the United Nations in terms of Quality Control. Tepe Prefabricated Inc. had successfully passed all QC tests made at the United Nations facilities in Trieste / Italy.
* Besides, there was a heavy documentation and paperworks related to each step of the project. Procurement and Contract Management procedures were managed very accurately.
* The major complexity encountered was the big changes in the quantities. Three months before the end of the initial contract the United Nations Procurement Department decided to increase the requested units. The final demand was almost at the same level of production made within the one and half year of the contract. Tepe Prefabricated Inc. managed to deliver all the containers within this last 3 months by executing additional shifts at its premises.