Environmental Policy



We work for environmentally compatible technologies.


  • To minimize the environmental impacts (liquid, gas and solid wastes) that will adversely affect the environment and people while performing our services,

  • To meet the requirements of national and international requirements and ISO 14001 environmental management standard in all our activities,

  • To consider environmental risks and impacts in all our activities within the framework of a life cycle approach,

  • Adopting environmentally friendly approaches in our designs, taking into account the needs and expectations of interested parties,

  • Using natural resources effectively for sustainable production in harmony with nature,

  • Minimizing waste generation from our activities and preventing environmental pollution at the source,

  • To save money in the consumption of all resources within Tepe Prefabrik and to prepare the technological and systematic infrastructure in this direction,

  • To carry out studies in accordance with energy efficiency techniques to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,

  • To follow and utilize technology in order to continuously improve and develop our environmental performance,

  • To avoid carbon emissions (greenhouse gas formation) by producing clean energy with the implementation of the SPP system,

  • To implement the EMS system within the scope of the Environmental Law No. 2872,

  • To create an environmentally sensitive whole by raising awareness of all parties (employees, suppliers, etc.) that make up the environmental management system with periodic trainings in order to establish environmental awareness,

  • The wastes generated as a result of our activities are separated in accordance with the regulations.