Tepe Bathroom Pods

Bathroom Pods


Why Pods?

In construction, the two most important parameters are work schedules and costs. Site conditions, health and safety conditions, weather conditions and labor costs may be unpredictable ending up with high expenses commonly experienced with traditional construction methods.

You have the opportunity to fix expenses and planning by having bathroom pods produced with the off-site construction system in order to meet the predetermined work schedule and delivery time allowing to achieve an important stage in the construction works.


All production activities are carried out in accordance with international quality standards. As a result, our customers can be assured that the delivered bathroom pods meet the highest world standards in terms of performance and quality of the materials used.

Once delivered to the project site, bathroom pods can be safely placed inside the building with cranes. TEPE also delivers to the site special equipment for the installation and transportation of pods.

TEPE Bathroom Pods are specially packed in a way preventing damages which may occur during transportation and delivered safely to the site for assembly.

Always On Time

TEPE Bathroom Pods are completely prefabricated bathrooms produced outside the client’s construction site in parallel with the construction program. Once complete, TEPE Bathroom Pods are simply installed in its place allowing a quick on-site installation.


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