Extensible and removable

Containers are designed for all kinds of climatic conditions.

Containers are designed and produced for all climatic conditions. They are preferred for work sites for their easy transportation and portability. These structures may be dispatched in disassembled (Flat Packed) or assembled forms.

Because the living containers designed by Tepe Prefabrik are produced in “modular” form with bolts and nuts, places of elements like doors and windows may be changed according to their usage

Containers can be produced in desired dimensions and designs and can be single, double or multi storey. The goods are delivered by lorries, long vehicles, ships, load containers, trains or cargo planes.

They are packaged in line with the international transportation and packaging rules if they are to be exported as mounted or “Flat Pack” units.

Fields of Usage
  • Dormitory Buildings,
  • Social Buildings,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Laundries,
  • Schools,
  • Laboratories,
  • Hospitals,
  • WC-Shower Units.
  • Kitchen – Dining Buildings,
  • Security (Guard) Cabins.
  • Reassemblable,
  • Expandable,
  • Easy assembly,
  • Design for all climatic and seismic conditions,
  • Repeated usability,
  • Assembly with screws and nuts,
  • Easy transportation (Flat Packed),
  • Modular Use Features,
  • Multi-functional use.

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